Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Bicycle way in the netherlands

Around the world

Together with the bicycle behind the horizon

The wheels continue to roll. You can read about our little adventures of everyday life here. Stay up to date and see what happens.

The route runs like a red line through the world map. Map details for the day trips and some pictures of the route can be found on the map of Komoot after clicking on the number, the bike and the tour name. (Scroll down the linked page;))
The big round
Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - The planed route

We are two! We are a couple! We are ready! We want to see more. See more of the sea, more of steppes and deserts. Want to be charmed by forests and cities. Climb on mountains and swim to islands.

Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Anja with bicycle and bags

Get to know people and cultures and find ourselves in a new way. Understanding to perceive the world with new eyes.

An idea is born! The world wants to be explored by bike.

  1. Wanderlust
  2. Enthusiasm on the bicycle
  3. Time

Mix the ingredients together and add some physical limitation experience with vigorous stirring in it. All this then have to bake with great love at -15°C to 45°C for about 6 to 24 months on our beautiful blue planet. Done is a colorful bouquet of wonderful life experiences that want to be told.

In May 2018 we started from Berlin in Germany and cycled in the south of the country. We said good bye to our friends and closer family in Saxony and Bavaria before we became cycling world explorer for an indefinite time period.

Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Ameln Valley in Morocco

Our first destination in Europe was Greece. From there we continued via Georgia to Asia in the direction of India and China. How it continues, we will figure out during the trip, because so far there is not the end of the world

We make this bike world trip primarily for us. Want to explore the planet, feel nature and its forces, experience possible and seemingly impossible ways and taste the fruits of the earth. Developing ourselves physically and emotionally, growing together, overcoming boundaries and re-relativizing the feeling of freedom. At the same time, our goal is not to lose sight of our own values, to rethink them and, if appropriate, to pass them on. Whenever possible, we would like to eat purely vegetable food. Vegan through the world, can that work? We will find out and report it.

Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Bicycle way in Sweden


The idea of starting a bike world trip usually does not come to mind overnight. Often you harbors a distant parts in us the inner desire to travel once of the earth, be it for a year after graduation or whenever else a period of life just comes to an end and the following can still be deferred ... Just out of everyday life and learn something completely new.

A bicycle world trip offers several advantages:

We stay fit through daily workout.

We do not need fuel.

We are ourselves the driving force. That saves money.

We do not produce exhaust gases.

And thus protect the environment.

We can drive on routes that stay away from motorists.

And are so closer to nature.

We are slow and yet fast.

Just so fast that we move forward on a daily basis and just so slowly that we can consciously perceive the changes in the environment.

Our iron donkeys are carrying our luggage.

We save accommodation costs.

Because we have a tent with us.

We almost will not get on a plane

But still have the feeling of flying on the bikes.

Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Anja is cycling through the Heide way

In addition, we are a team of two:

All experiences, thoughts, feelings of happiness, fears and flashes of thought are shared. Problems can be solved with joint force. The luggage is distributed on two saddles. It can always be one with the wheels while the other goes shoping, collects information, fixes things or takes pictures. The bicycle world trip will also be a journey to another level of relationship. It will develop between us a new kind of symbiosis and thus create a deeper bond.

Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Anja profile image


For me, the idea of exploring the world on a bicycle is no coincidence. In my home town Bannewitz near Dresden the bike always took me to almost all activities. During school, the bike was my especially faithful companion, especially if I had missed the bus once again and had to complete a marathon on the bike, so as not to be late for class. The concrete bike trip then began in the summer before graduating from high school, when we took the ferry to southern Sweden to twelve, to spend two weeks along the coast and camp. Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Anja and Gnubbi in Morocco in the SaharaThis vacation has impressed me so much that I did biking tours in my new home of choice in Leipzig and in the following years I went on bicycle tours through Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands for 2 to 3 weeks. The sticking point: I was lonley on the road except for one exception. With the bike through the Nordic countries, that is quite possible, there I always felt safe. But I could not imagine traveling alone in the far distant world and for a very long time. - Until suddenly my life changed, when a certain Gnubbi danced into my life and told me about (mind you) his idea to travel the world by bicycle.

Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Gnubbi profile image


Growing up in the small town of Laage near Rostock, I started to make my first travel experiences. At first mainly at the Baltic Sea, but with the age the distances to the homeland became bigger and bigger, so at the end of my schooldays I dared to wander a bit the Camino de Santiago in Spain. To study I moved to the big city of Berlin, where the contact with foreign cultures and peoples my passion really raised. At the same time an environmental awareness was sharpened in me, as well as the charm to demand the body a bit more.

Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Gnubbi and Anja in Copenhagen

Of course everyone likes to ride a bike, but I want more. - Knowing what it feels like to bring your body to the limit. Traveling by bike around the world is a way for me to discover the distance without unnecessarily burdening the environment with an airplane and at the same time traveling slowly so that the soul can follow its surroundings. For more than 5 years, this dream grows in me and almost threatened to burst. Again and again I screwed on old bicycles with friends and longed for the big trip. But now with new tailwind and concentrated Love Power, thanks to Anja ❤ we will do it together, juhu! You wild world, we come and bring our bikes!

Bicycle World Trip - 2 Bikes 1 World - Two Bikes One World - Anja cycle through the Heide way

So far we've saved a lot together: time, love and a great deal of motivation. But such a bike world trip will probably cost a little bit of equipment and a little bit of money ... And that's where you come into the game. If you want to support us, be it mental, material or maybe even financially, follow us via newsletter, on Facebook and Instagram or just visit our donation website.

We looking forward!