Perfect lunch break in Healthy Bites (Athens)


Upon entering the restaurant, the large glass counter immediately attracts attention, presenting the daily updated food in a handsome way. Unfortunately, several dishes are sold out when we arrive in the late afternoon (we wanted to try the vegan Moussaka). But we like the counter, where we order our food and take a drink once before. You can sit both indoors and outdoors, but in good weather outside is in any case the better choice. You look directly at a massive ancient temple, which is illuminated nicely in the evening.
We sip on our smoothies (German import product, as well as many of the lemonades) and enjoy the hustle and bustle, until a while later vegan tuna salad with jackfruit and a plate with cevapcici with tomato sauce on rice are served. The latter tastes great and puts the cold salad a little bit in the shade. Nevertheless, we are well saturated after the meal, so that only fits a small dessert, which we then get in the city. 🙂

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