What is a bike trip without bags?!


Today there is a detailed contribution to our equipment. You can read more about the specs and advantages of the MSX bike bags here.

In general, we are very impressed by how spacious and flexible the bags are. In some cases, we have already started to pack them on a trial basis and find that it really fits a lot in. We have learned to appreciate the versatile possibilities of adjustment, after a night and a morning of sensitive dressing 😉
On our test drive we put all the bags on and tested steering feeling and handling.

The handlebar pockets could be easily fastened and after a bit of practice (where to pull up – where to pull down), we can now open the bags permanently. We like that they can be closed so easily by the magnetic closure and also can not be opened by strangers. The net pockets are also great inside and out, so you can organize everything well. Outside, for example, nuts and energy bars can be found. With the shoulder straps, they are also easily transportable, so that you can take them to the store quickly.

The pockets with roller closure and lid (SL 55 ZX) are mounted at the front. They should be loaded with light things and not too crammed. The cover additionally protects against dirt from the tires. If they get too full, you can even leave the lid open and still transport everything safely with the roller shutter. The organizers are very practical in one of the two pockets. This way the chaos can be kept well in check 🙂 Smaller things that you have to get to quickly come into the outer zip pockets. We still have to tinker a little bit that the handles of the pockets do not clam into the spokes. But with more test drives to come soon, the problem will be solved.

The (SLR 55 Avantgarde MX) pockets with roll closure and magnetic clip are installed at the back of the luggage rack for quick access. At first a bit unfamiliar, after a few times you get the right feeling and don’t really want to use any other closures 😉 No more simultaneous pressing and pulling with two hands – simply pull the tab diagonally upwards with one hand. And when closing only keep both parts on top of each other in the right way, the tab closes by itself. Really innovative! Two small inner pockets in turn help to store small equipment safely and rediscoverably. Since a roll with clothes and overnight equipment is placed across the back of the luggage rack, we thought it would be fitting to place the quickly open and closing roller shutter pockets there.

On top of it is a really cool packing bag (CL55 Drypack) with some interesting features: it is reinforced at the bottom of the longitudinal side and has a robust carrying handle at the top. To the right and left of it you have the possibility to thread tension belts for fastening. Really practical and it fits perfectly with the clamping goods we have. The narrow viewing window along the bag quickly reveals the contents and thus prevents a “black hole” in the search for things in front of :))

Finally, we take a closer look at the backpacks. They should provide the necessary storage space for one or the other day trip on foot. They have already been tested for shopping and weekend visits, with the following result: It just fits in incredibly much (including laptop) and yet they don’t look clunky. The size can be varied by the roller shutter, and again there is a special: The closure works with magnetism. As soon as the buckle is held over the counterpart, it snaps in as if by itself. It is then opened one-handed by pressing down on the buckle. In short, the backpacks are great and very practical.

At the front of the handlebars we have attached a waterproof case for Anja’s mobile phone. So while Gnubbi is looking at the Navi, Anja can search for alternative routes via an app on the phone. It fits right in and doesn’t slip. Due to the variable mounting options, the case can be clicked in portrait or landscape mode.

On top of it there was even a very stylish cycling pants for Gnubbi with many, many practical pockets, adjustable ventilation slots and removable inner trousers with seat cushions.

We would like to thank MSX for this tremendous support and are happy to be able to go on tour with such practical and sophisticated equipment.


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